Stop “Painting By Numbers” and Get FIT!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I remember a game from childhood called “paint by numbers.”  The kit contained a familiar image of a dog or flower, carefully divided into blank zones for the artist to fill with color indicated by number. The game was foolproof and when finished, the painter only duplicated the work of another artist’s genius or creativity.


How much of life right now feels like a paint by numbers game? A prearranged system or routine you’ve fallen into and cannot escape?  Most people’s lives operate this way, as we settle into dissatisfying routines and systems at a young age.

We teach students in universities to paint by numbers and then release them into the world, ill-equipped to create a unique work of art with a blank canvas. There are many options. There are many opinions.

Still, how can we reasonably expect anyone with such dampened creativity to construct a future driven by their passion?

Getting FIT asks us to throw out our “paint by numbers” kit for a more effective approach.

Using the FIT model of intersecting passions, skills and needs within a growth-rich environment, increases the success of finding the best-suited vocation.  

FIT is the proactive approach to creating your ideal self and future state, even in the midst of failed attempts or undesirable circumstances.  It teaches us the importance of a positive attitude and the keys to becoming a victor instead of a victim.  

Getting FIT is about achieving your highest potential as an individual, a team or an organization. Through the discovery of what motivates us, a deep-seated sense of purpose, we unleash success within ourselves and others.

Built upon thirty-five years of team-building and management experience, this holistic approach aids readers to set personalized milestones in physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health.

Getting FIT offers insight on how to optimize your life experience, maximize the contributions of team members and create organizations where value is offered to all stakeholders.  

Unleash the power of Fully Integrated Teams in your life and pick up a copy through our website today!

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