POMO and NEMO: The Language of Momentum

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Nemo" scrolled across news headlines as the winter storm blanketed the Northeast in snow last Friday. The naming of this blizzard, an uncommon practice, stirred up controversy among weather experts. Nemo littered streets with stranded vehicles, enacted widespread power outages and trapped people in their houses with record-breaking snowfall.

Even the National Guard was commissioned to address the storm's swift-moving effects! Whether Nemo was christened by The Weather Channel or not, its momentum was tangible and felt by many.

Sometimes we fail to name the forces in our lives that prevent us from succeeding. They slip off our radar as we fail to accept personal responsibility for our actions. We spend too much time dwelling on negative thoughts and this delivers the undesirable consequences we fear. We disappoint our teammates or lose focus on what's important by making a crucial mistake.

Yet our brains are capable of shaping the outcome winning path to success if we engage them better and more often.

In sports, this is called a visualization technique. In Getting FIT, we call it Positive Momentum or POMO. POMO engages areas of the mind responsible for winning positive outcomes. Creating a mental picture of the intended result, scene by scene, is a technique that unlocks the hidden strengths and capacities of the mind. These techniques are useful before a job interview, as a focus exercise or as a way to achieve a professional goal. Sound like a bunch of baloney?

Not to modern scientists or professional athletes. Olympic swimming phenomenon Michael Phelps admitted to using this training technique in his book, No Limits. Dr. Norman Doidge, author of The Brain That Changes Itself, asserts how the brain is not a rigid and deterministic structure, but one full of possibility and suprise. As often as a behavioral sequence is repeated, the stronger the underlying brain circuits become. At some point, the new neural pathways become the brain's default option. 

The power of our positive thoughts, with disciplined practice and repetition, can change negative thoughts and outcomes over a period of time.

You read that right! The power of POMO can clean up the damage of NEMO in our lives. But are we prepared to battle the negative thought storm before it dumps a truck-load of bad consequences on our doorstep? NEMO can and will swallow up our life goals and expectations with negativity until it is replaced with POMO.

Getting FIT combines time-tested strategies with cutting-edge behavioral research for your organization to thrive with POMO. Getting FIT will help you identify:

Energy Vacuums responsible for NEMO in your workplace.

Tips for creating POMO in your work environment.

Exercises to exchange negative self-talk for winning goals.

Which force has reigning power over your thought-life right now? Is it time to experience the life-giving constructive power of POMO instead of the familiar downward spiral of NEMO? Contact our team now to equip you with the right resources for Getting FIT today!

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