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Finding your purpose

Reconnecting with a sense of purpose is something both companies and individuals pursue. Finding our Fully Integrated Team provides a framework through which to view ourselves, our past, our current situation, and our future. It teaches us how to become the artist of our lives. And it begins with understanding the power of purpose. Purpose is understanding one’s reason for being driven by personal values and deep-seated beliefs.


FIVE steps of fit

Not just for business.

The FIT process works with the established purpose, followed by principles, people, promise, and place. It’s a process that helps move a company or individual toward a desired future state. Once this vision or desired future state is defined, working from the future back toward the present brings the process to life.



Needs, Skills and Passions

FIT comes alive at the point where a person’s and organization's needs, skills, and passions intersect. People seek more than a paycheck; they want a holistic, meaning-driven experience in life and work. Focus at the center of this all-important intersection to find motivation for your FIT.




Podcast Begin learning, living and leading FIT in
your life and organization

By Phil Kassel, FIT leader 




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The Language of FIT

Teams of people are like cells of the human body.

Single cells come together as a means of survival to duplicate, strengthen and revive the greater whole. As bodies made up of many cells, people are the building blocks of organizations. They strengthen or diminish a team from within. 

Fully Integrated Teams (FIT) equip organizations with the power of purpose-driven individuals. Married couples, families and Fortune 500 companies alike are discovering how a common purpose, guided by shared principles, and a future promise changes the world around them. 

Living intentionally and holistically starts with creating positive relationships. Like my father used to say, “You get things done with people.”  Every good leader measures the success of a team or company by the strength of its weakest member. There is not getting ahead of this reality.

Working together in a division of labor, individuals achieve greater things than they could do alone.  As almost every goal requires the assistance and support of others, it is crucial to recruit supporters of your purpose, principles, promise and place. These are the components of what I term the FIT House.

With the collective energy of purpose, principles, people, promise and place, the FIT is united to accomplish a vision of success exceeding their highest expectations.

Diving into concepts like the Purpose Model and 5 Steps of FIT is fundamental to helping you join the team and apply the language of FIT in your own life. Become an advocate of FIT with hundreds who’ve discovered their purpose today!

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