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FIT stands for Fully Integrated Teams. Leaders are becoming more than figureheads and bosses but team players who spur their organizations on toward effective change. Drawing on 35 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry, Jim Leighton brings professional insight and personal stories to demonstrate how individuals and teams can achieve their highest potential. FIT unlocks the purpose of each individual to reveal how healthy organizational culture is built. Jim offers practical tools that demonstrate how to employ our needs, skills and passions for dynamic personal and professional success. FIT elevates energy levels, prepares us with grit to overcome obstacles and inspires us to help others find their own FIT. Jim's time-tested strategies and leadership best practices are guides to creating an authentic life and legacy.




The Small Business Book Awards, celebrate the best business books of 2013. Getting FIT has been selected as the 2013 winner in the management category and recognized as a must read for entrepreneurs,small business owners, CEOs, managers, and their staff.

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“Observing Jim and his team apply the principles of FIT at Perdue over the past six years has, and will continue to have a significant positive impact on our business. I also appreciate the way it “fits like a glove” with the Perdue values. Simply stated, this stuff works!”

—JIM PERDUE, Chairman Perdue Farms

“Having seen, first-hand, Jim apply the principles of FIT, I can personally attest to the powerful impact this had on our business results and on people’s lives.”

—DEAN HOLLIS, Retired President
COO, ConAgra Foods

“I found this material immediately actionable. In the week between my first read and my second, I was conscious of employing the principles of FIT.”

President, Smart Balance Inc.




Characteristics of an Effective Leader by Phil Kassel, Associate Pastor of Family Ministries.










































































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Notes from the author regarding Getting FIT

Jim Leighton joined Boulder Brands Inc. as the new Chief Operating Officer in October 2013. He has been a member of the board of the Boulder-based food company (Nasdaq: BDBD) since August 2007 and will continue to serve on the board as an employee director. Boulder Brands uses the Udi`s Gluten Free, the Earth Balance, the Level Life and the Smart Balance brands. In his role as COO, Leighton will oversee manufacturing, R&D and food service.

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Home Team

Community gives us purpose as individuals.

It’s our basic reason to live. We all lack the power to do great things alone, and leaders especially need a supportive “home team.” All successes in my life are shared with my Fully Integrated Team—my wife Fritzi, and children, Jimmy and Lauren. Their constant support, insight and enthusiasm for my life and work fuel my success. I lead this FIT Team in memory of my father Bill, a man of integrity whose exemplary leadership I carry on in his absence.


Getting FIT Team

Getting FIT team - Fully Integrated Teams in Action

The dynamics of the FIT model were exemplified in the process of the writing and publishing of the book, Getting FIT. Each of the partners in this process played a valuable role based on the marriage of their unique skills and passions. 

At the nucleus of the project was the author and driver of the process, Jim Leighton. Jim's passion for the concept behind Getting FIT inspired future members of the team to get on board with the project and idea behind it. Mathew Kelly, Greg Salciccioli, Lauren Ruef, Eric Weber, Thomas Womack, Russ and Cheryl McIntosh, Julie Trelstad and Andrea Larson comprised the original team although as the book evolves and takes on life of its own, the team will grow and change in concert with its needs. This is the beauty of a strong Fully Integrated Team–as the cells part, future members of the team work together towards the same vision and goals regardless of their individual roles in the process.

Matthew Kelly, Floyd Consulting, Inc. and Author of The Dream Manager |
After reading the book The Dream Manager, Jim Leighton was inspired to call the author, Mathew Kelly to learn more. Among the priceless insight that Mathew shared was the suggestion to contact Executive Coach, Greg Salciccioli. This fortuitous connection ultimately began the process of forming a Fully Integrated Team around Getting FIT.

Greg Salciccioli, Founder at Coachwell and Executive Coach |

Greg Salciccioli is Jim Leighton's Executive Coach and advisor on the book process. For over a decade Greg has coached and consulted leaders to realize their goals and improve their lives. Greg directs the Coachwell team and inspires team members to pursue excellence as an example to others. Coachwell’s mission is to develop positive results by inspiring excellence through professional coaching, certification and coaching systems.  

Lauren Ruef, Writer |

Lauren Ruef worked with Jim Leighton to prepare the Getting FIT concept for a widespread audience. As his writing consultant, Lauren generated research, content and provided editorial direction to transform Jim’s vision into a polished resource. 

"Getting FIT was a inspirational opportunity to speak to this generation of leaders with power and clarity. Thanks for the journey Jim!" 

Phil Kassel, Pastor |

Phil is a husband, father, Pastor, Speaker, and FIT Leader who is passionate about God and people. After meeting Jim, and the several years that followed of being immersed in Fully Integrated Teams, it has become part of Phil’s own leadership DNA. Phil’s passion and purpose is to help individuals and teams to not only realize their FIT, but to pay it forward and develop as FIT leaders themselves. Phil truly believes that FIT is the future of leadership. Tribes will not only be developed, but it will unleash a movement that will leave a legacy that outlives each of us; a result of living for something much greater than ourselves.  

Thomas Womack, Owner at Book Ox |

Thomas worked closely with writer Lauren Ruef to edit the final manuscript before going to print. His input helped shape the final copy and effectively communicate the FIT message.

Eric Weber, Owner at Jerico, LLC

Eric with Jerico, LLC provided the production services for FIT which included schedule coordination, editing, copy editing, typesetting, proofing & printing/binding. His role with the FIT project was essential to the final book product.

Russ McIntosh, Principal + Creative Director at Studio Absolute |

Russ McIntosh was responsible for branding Jim Leighton as author for the Getting FIT concept. He accomplished this through the design of the author logo, book cover and interior, the website and ancillary materials, and working with Jim to create a visual system illustrating the FIT concept. Russ continues to work alongside Jim to manage the brand going forward and further position Jim Leighton as a thought-leader in the industry.

Cheryl McIntosh, Principal + Project Manager |

Cheryl McIntosh assisted in the overall project management including design deliverables, copywriting, publishing and distribution. Cheryl's passion is helping authors and business people create a team that together can accomplish more than one person may on their own. 

Julie Trelstad, Director of Publishing Services for Julie Inc, LLC |

Julie Trelstad was responsible for setting up fulfillment, warehousing, recruiting sales representation and distribution for the book and ebook.

"I've worn many hats in the publishing world but I'm so happy to join a team where my unique get-the-book-to-market skills are valued!"

Andrea Wasilew Larson, Founder of Social Suite Public Relations |

Andrea serves as the public relations representative for the launch and ongoing promotion of Getting FIT through both digital and traditional media. Her goal for the launch of Getting FIT is to work closely with Jim and team members, Julie and Cheryl, to build brand awareness and garner media coverage with media outlets nationwide.


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