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Your FIT will define you. At the end of your life, you’ll be remembered most by the relationships you developed. There’s already a critical mass of people at work in your life. Discover how you can achieve your collective potential with these FIT teams of individuals to accomplish almost anything.

Due to Jim’s extensive schedule and responsibilities, he is available for a very limited number of speaking engagements in 2013.

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There comes a time when leaders must empower others
to become the-best-version-of-themselves.

Jim Leighton Lives full time in Sydney Australia while retaining his residences in Colorado.  Jim joined Ingham’s Group Ltd. as CEO Director in October 2018. Ingham’s is the largest poultry company in Australia and New Zealand, traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. He is currently an Independent Director of Aryzta, a global multibillion dollar frozen baked goods business in Zurich Switzerland and Dublin Ireland traded on the Swiss stock exchange.  He is a board member of privately held 1908 Brands, Boulder Colorado and Advisor to Trailhead Investments LLC., Boulder Colorado.  Jim is also Cofounder of Helmfit with his partner and professional athlete Shane Niemeyer (Place link to and Shane’s True

After 42years working in a variety of leadership, executive,  board positions, authoring his own book and teaching post graduate classes in Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, Jim is furthering his passion for Unlocking the potential of Fully Integrated Teams by launching The Helm fit, the first fully integrated multidimensional app for become fit in 3D, Physically, Mentally and Financially (Link to  The team at Helmfit are fundamentally changing what it means to be FIT by providing science based tools and processes to support users in Optimizing their Human Experience… becoming physically, mentally and financially fit.  According to Jim, ‘As a society we are treating  symptoms and outcomes and not addressing the root cause of the epidemic of poor mental, physical and financial health.  Our team at Helmfit are addressing the root cause to reverse the tide for this very concerning situation.”

why fit?

A proven model founded on principles and values
with practical applications

In my thirty-five years in the consumer packaged goods industry, I’ve had the privilege of applying FIT to well over 100,000 people. I’ve founded, run, sold, and even allowed for the bankruptcy of my own startup, and met with more successes as well as failures than most people have. Along that lengthy path, two primary questions surfaced unanswered:  First, why do some people, organizations, married couples, and societies find fulfillment—while others do not? And second, why are some of these individuals and groups able to sustain a higher level of success for a longer period of time than others? People and organizations have different ways of measuring success, but a common definition lies in finding a sense of meaning and purpose at work.

At the intersection of organizational success and individual success is a concept I call FIT. Essentially, that’s an acronym for Fully Integrated Teams. FIT is a wide-ranging concept built around a tight cluster of principles and core values with practical application on a number of fronts. So at certain points here—especially as it concerns your own progress and direction in life and career—you can even expand the meaning of FIT to represent something like “Fully Integrated Trajectory.”

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