Getting FIT Starts at Home

Friday, January 17, 2014

The American dream has lost its shine over the last few decades. As a nation, statistics reveal discouraging trends for the current and future state of marriages and families, the building blocks of a stable and FIT society. The marriage rate in America is at an all-time low, about one third of all children live in a home without a father, and we currently lead the world in divorce rates. We can’t afford to miss the reality that the way of the family goes the way of the country, and its headed south at an alarming rate.

This will help you gain some perspective on where we are as a nation:

  • Approximately 42 percent of all single mother households in America rely on food stamps. 
  • The United States has the highest percentage of one person households on the entire planet.
  • More than a million public school students in the U.S. are homeless, the largest on record.

We at Getting FIT have witnessed these trends firsthand. Our neighbors, friends and coworker’s lives are daily affected by the separation and breakdown of families.  Phil Kassel is a pastor and FIT Leader who uses aspects of FIT to lead his congregation at Grace Family Fellowship in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. He sees individuals suffering from depression, financial hardship, and estranged relationships caused by the breakdown of the social fabric.

As Phil says, “We have so many broken families today, and incorporating FIT into the home has made a significant positive impact. FIT people create FIT Families, and it resonates outward to encompass churches, communities, and our nation as a whole.”

Fully Integrated Teams are a catalyst for change, powerful enough to take effect at an individual level and scale outward to affect families, communities and ultimately our nation. Why do we believe this?

The process of Getting FIT helps people gain introspection into their motivations, tapping into the needs, skills and passions that drive them and allow them to thrive. FIT can be leveraged for something as small as a married couple and as large as a Fortune 500 company. The beauty of FIT is that its building blocks are simplistic and modifiable to meet the needs of nearly any team dynamic. 

It is time for our country to revisit its sense of purpose and begin the process of Getting FIT. This means moving toward desirable and sustainable change. We all leave a mark on our families and relationships; a legacy that outlasts us well into the future.  Our Getting FIT process will help define a more desirable version of ourselves and our families. At the end of our lives, we’ll be remembered most by the relationships we developed and the legacy we left, especially with our home teams. We will be remembered for the motivations behind our work more than our accomplishments too.

 There’s already a critical mass of people at work in your life. Discover how you can achieve your collective potential with FIT teams of individuals to accomplish almost anything. It all starts with you and your home team and then reaches outward to your other Fully Integrated Teams. We hope you are ready to unleash the power of Getting FIT at home and beyond! Start today by reading Getting FIT: Unleashing The Power of Fully Integrated Teams and join us on this revolution for change.  You deserve it. Your family deserves it, and our nation deserves it.

Appreciate you!

The Getting FIT Team. 

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